Sunday, February 13, 2011

(Successful) People Who Have Smoked Pot

Do you ever hear about how marijuana will make you lazy, unmotivated, and will degrade both your personal and professional lives? The federal government wants you to believe this is true, because if you do, then their war on drugs becomes much easier to fight. But what is interesting is that several people exist in our society who smoke cannabis and lead successful lives, and many of them are common celebrities we see in the news all the time. Here's a list of well known men and women, most of whom smoke pot every day, that were successful in their professional careers.

Willie Nelson – country singer, author, actor, activist
Woody Harrelson – actor, comedian, environmental activist
Seth Rogen – actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer
Bob Dylan – songwriter, poet
Bob Marley – songwriter and musician
Snoop Dogg – rapper, record producer, actor
Cheech Marin – comedian, actor
Tommy Chong - comedian, actor, musician
Jennifer Aniston – actress, film director, producer
Jack Black – comedian, actor, musician
Kyle Gas – comedian, actor, musician

U.S. Presidents that allegedly smoked
George Washington – Revolutionary War general, first president of the nation
Thomas Jefferson – drafted the Declaration of Independence (on hemp paper, no less)
James Madison – principal author of the U.S. Constitution
James Monroe – proclaimed the 1823 Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson – helped shape the modern Democratic Party
Zachary Taylor – decorated soldier with forty years of service in the U.S. Army
Franklin Pierce – also a lawyer, politician, and brigadier general
Abraham Lincoln – president of the Union during the Civil War
John F. Kennedy – second youngest President and youngest elected President
George Bush – began a guest-work program for illegal immigrants
Bill Clinton – had a federal surplus during his time in office
Barack Obama – first African-American president and

Other notable figures
Carl Sagan – astronomer and science promoter
Michael Phelps – Olympic athlete with 16 medals
Steve Jobs – CEO of Apple
Alexander Dumas – author of The Three Musketeers
Hunter S. Thompson – author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Francis Crick – not a confirmed stoner but discovered the double helix model of the DNA molecule while under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
Pablo Picasso – painter who co-founded the Cubist movement
Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Romantic and English poet who wrote “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

This is a small list for time's sake, but do some research on your own and you will see that many famous celebrities, U.S. politicians, and historical figures smoked cannabis, and yet they grew up successful, motivated people. So, does marijuana make you lazy? Absolutely not.

Stupid, lazy stoners? Think again. They've probably made more money than you can ever hope to.

-John D.. McGaughey


  1. Cheech and Chong!!! i love it!! Bob Marley, most definitely, and if it wasn't for him smoking marijuana he wouldn't have been as motivated to be the artist he was. about 95 % of the songs he wrote for him and other people was while he was under the influence of marijuana.
    Jennifer Aniston??? i knew she doesn't wear deodorant but didn't know she smoked marijuana

  2. You'd be surprised to find out which celebrities smoke pot. The reality is that people in Hollywood smoke a lot of marijuana, which is why portraying cannabis in movies is actually quite easy compared to other social taboos, such as homosexuality. Half Baked might rile a few people up, but then release Brokeback Mountain and watch what happens.

    That attitude is also unfortunate, but I can definitely relate to the homosexual community because my lifestyle as a cannabis smoker is restricted by the law, just as the homosexual lifestyle is restricted. Both groups of people are doing nothing harmful to anyone (and in fact, the gay community is quite helpful to society in many ways) and yet both groups are the target of moral, legal, and ethical discussions that paint us as immoral and decadent.

  3. That is definitely one thing that really pisses me off! I was raised in a Catholic family so gays are definitely frowned upon in my family but i dont see the point! they arent hurting anyone, they are normal people who see things differently then most do. some of the best designers of clothes, cars, architects, singers, song writters,actors etc. are gay! whats the big deal?

    Why doesnt the community target the real problems such as racism or crime? Thats the real problem with our society, they dont want to focus on the real problems they just want something they can bitch about and know they have people who will agree with what they say.

  4. It definitely goes beyond just mere control. Unfortunately, the war on drugs creates crime, which are then committed by criminals, who then go to prison, and there is a lot of money to be made in the private prison industry. In the past 25 years Texas has built nearly eighty new prisons, and there is constant demand for new ones. My next article will actually focus on this exact issue.